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Maşină de recoltat furaje, tractată, Kongskilde FCT


Kongskilde’s generation of trailed forage harvesters has been designed with particular focus on chopping quality, huge capacity and user-friendliness. The FCT machines have been developed and designed with particular focus on strength, unique performance and user-friendliness under even the most demanding conditions. The best features of the previous models have been combined with a number of functions.

The chopping rotor increases the capacity of the well-known Upper Cut system without the need of a larger tractor. Furthermore, the pick-up roller crop press will help to increase the output by improving the flow through the feed intake area.

With the electro-hydraulic control it is also possible to control the foldable chute. With this foldable chute 4 m high trailers can easily be loaded. All in all a better performance under demanding conditions.

Electro-hydraulic control box

On FCT 1060 ProTec all functions are controlled by a single control box (also on FCT 1260 and 1460). The machines are equipped with an electro-hydraulic system in which all functions are gathered. This means easy access to all functions and you do not need extra control boxes if the machines are fitted with options.

Upper Cut system

All trailed forage harvesters from Kongskilde are equipped with the Upper Cut system which ensures low energy consumption. The Upper Cut system throws the crop directly into the chute. It does not have to go through the rotor housing first, which reduces the power consumption.

Metal detector

FCT 1060 can be, and FCT 1260 and FCT 1460 is equipped with metal detector, which is a set of feed rollers made of demagnetized material. In front of the rollers there is a magnetic field that will be actuated if a metal object gets near. A stop pawl will stop the feeding immediately, preventing the metal object to enter the chopping rotor. The chopping rotor is heavier and draws more air into the chute, which gives Upper Cut a capacity increase of up to 25% compared to previous designs. This means that blockages in the feedintake section are minimised and a long and powerful throw of the crop from the chute is obtained.

Foldable chute means high loading height and low transport height

Kongskilde’s high capacity forage harvester can be fitted with a foldable chute. This gives a perfect combination of high loading height and low transport height (below 4.0 m). With a hydraulic cylinder the chute can be folded for transport so that it rests on the drawbar. The transport height is thereby reduced to less than 4.0 m so that the chute will not potentially hit overhead obstructions e.g. trees, electric wires etc.

  • Upper Cut, low fuel consumption.
  • New reinforced cutting drum, higher capacity with the same input.
  • Wide feed intake, better flow and thus higher capacity.
  • New control box, higher comfort and easy to operate.
  • Pro-Tec clutch protection, reduced impact on the transmission.
FCT 1060 FCT 1060 C
Type Trailed Trailed
Min. power requirement HP 88/120 88/120
Pick up width, m 210 cm 210 cm
Number of blades 24 24
Cutting length 8-16(32) mm 8-16(32) mm
Metal detector Option -
Chute control Hydraulic Electrical
Foldeable chute Option Option
Cutting unit, 2.40 m Option Option
Maize unit 2 rows Option Option
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